About Us

Magi Man Sculpture

Damemadame.com founded by James McClain who is an Infinite Energy Sculptor. We specialize in the transferring of Infinite Energy. In this case Healing Energy into People, Places & Things. You are reading correctly. We transfer Powerful Healing Energy into People, Pets, Plants, Cars, & Homes, etc. Our latest transfer system is our FREE 8X10 4KHD Digital Photographs. Our goal of sharing 1 Billion Photograph Downloads each one containing Powerful Healing Energy with the world over the next 5 years. 

We follow the Masters.

This Healing Energy originates and radiates from my latest Sculpture titled (Magi Man). Magi Men were known in biblical times to be wise well beyond the highest educational systems of that day. The foundation of their power was based on a life time of Wisdom, with daily Communication and Strong Relationship with the Creator of all that was, is and will be. Magi Men were blessed with an intimate relationship with the One who hung the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars in the Sky. They were close to the One who created the air we breathe. The water we drink. His Energy in our world causes a dried dead seed to fall to the ground. Then through His Power you have germination of that seed, it’s a live. It breaks out a stem with no known eyes and aims for the ground, to become a strong root. The seed explodes into 2 leaves that reach for the Sun. 2 leaves become 4 leaves and so on. Then this plant brings forth fruit 10, 20, 50, 80 times its own kind. To all who eat of it receives life sustaining nutrition. Magi Men not only understood the process of this Power but were able to absorb this Power. Then generate and radiate this power to any person, place or thing they deem worthy to receive.

Lets start Healing the world.

What we have done is transferred the Healing Energy from the Magi Man Sculpture. This Energy was captured in the form of a (Photograph) of the Magi Man Sculpture and made available to the world (FREE OF CHARGE). Mankind we need your help. Our goal is a Billion Free Downloads over the next 5 years. To be distributed all over the world. If you or someone you know is in mental, physical or spiritual discomfort. Such as someone on drugs, has behavior problems, rude, mean, lies, steals, etc. If you have tried everything, to haven’t tried anything. But you find yourself suck with your same problems. Or worst someone else in your life that you love, whose woes attract pain and sorrow and they need help. Give us a try, download the free PHOTO copy. If you don’t have a good printer at home take it to your local printer or let your local printer go online and download it and print you a PHOTO QUALITY PICTURE 8 x10 or close to it. It can be smaller but the bigger the better. DON’T WRITE OR SCATCH OR MARK THE PHOTO in any way because it will make a shift in the energy from the picture. Place the picture in the room where the person in need spends the most time. We suggest underneath the bed, try to center the photo in the middle of the side they sleep on from left to right. Then bring the photo three to four feet down from the wall where the headboard is. Photo facing the ceiling, placement of photo doesn’t have to be perfect. Second option; place the photo on wall or shelf facing the person. It can face them from any angel front, back, or side. If possible do both for very ruff situations. Once the photo has been placed write down time, date, weather, and mood of the person. Watch and listen to them closely the first three days. Then make a new note of their behavior and mood every three days. After one week lets us know what you notice, you should have good news. The beautiful part about using Healing energy is NO DRUGS, NO MIND GAMES, and NO COST Free to all. The world is out of balance, we must be whole are selves before we can heal the world. Let’s get to work. I love you mankind.